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Wasp removal, Montreal mayor of wasp stings

Wasp removal, Montreal mayor of wasp stings

Montreal mayor died of wasp stings

We are the wasp removal experts. Call Shield Pest control before wasp become a problem. Inspect your yard and home surroundings in early summer, looking for any wasp activity or paper nests taking shape. It is easier to discourage a single queen wasp from establishing too close to your home than handle a full-sized nest later in the season.

We are wasp removal expert. The death of Mayor Lucie Roussel caused by 15 wasp stings has people asking many questions about the insects. Here are 5 things Global News has compiled about wasps.

Wasp Removal

Montreal mayor died of wasp stings. The sting of a wasp usually wears off within 24 hours but for a small minority of people the venom in their sting causes anaphylactic shock which can be fatal.

In Lucie Roussel’s case, it is still unclear whether or not she was allergic to wasps. Allergy expert Joseph Schuster from the MUHC explained that she may have developed an allergy without knowing it. However, he said it is very unusual to die from a sting. We are expert in wasp removal.

If the nest must be removed when the wasps are active, it should be done in the evening when wasps are least active. Nest removal can be dangerous and extreme caution must be used because of the risk of attack by a large group of wasps. Although a homeowner (with enough protection) can remove a nest, professional help is recommended.

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Depending on the location and structure of the nest, removal can be as simple as enclosing the nest in a plastic bag and detaching the single anchoring stalk from the supporting tree branch or structure. To dispose of the active nest, place in a freezer for at least 48 hours. Remember to always wear protective clothing, including a head net.

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