Industrial Pest Control

 Pest prevention in industries

Industrial Pest control. Undoubtedly our pest control services are always the first choice of industries to control pests. Obviously Industrial premises are not immune to pests. For example, Some Pests like cockroaches, rats, mice, beetles, millipedes, centipedes and birds contaminate food or food storing packages. Pests presence in or around industrial units is unsanitary.

Industrial Pest Control

Therefore, it is important to control the risks associated with cockroaches, rats, mice, beetles, millipedes, centipedes by preventing them from entering buildings. In summary We are expert in detecting and eliminating pests, and preventing the contamination of food. In addition, pests like Rats. Indeed mice and cockroaches are attracted to industrial facilities storing or preparing food.

Industrial Pest Exterminator

Moreover, with our years of experience in the industrial pest control services, we have equipped ourselves with various tools and technologies. Our expert team  manage pests in the highly demanding environments of industrial premises. Generally Our pest control solutions are completely safe. Likewise we will ensure that your pest problems will be eradicated without affecting your productivity or downtime.

As a rule Our IPM is based on the ‘Pest Sensitivity Index™’ of the entire facility to pest. Accordingly We assess the various risks posed by different pests and design a custom plan that will protect the machines and safeguard the sensitive environments of the premises.

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We at Shield Pest control offer custom-tailored and integrated pest control services in the Greater Toronto area with proven success rates. Our services cause minimum disruption and little-to-no downtime to your business. We use unmarked vehicles to keep the privacy of our clients. To summarize, you take care of the business and leave the pests to us. We will not let pests to compromise the health and safety of your employees or customers.

Call us Whether your industrial premises have already been invaded by pests or preventive measure is necessary. Keep your industry free of cockroaches, rats, mice, beetles, millipedes, centipedes and birds.

Industrial Pest Control


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