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Colder weather brings rats indoors

Colder weather brings rats indoors

Rodent control need to be done as the colder weather approaches.

Rodent control : Winter’s coming and rodents are looking for a warm place to live. Human dwellings and outbuildings provide shelter for rats and mice during cold periods. Crawl space areas beneath homes are common rat escapes. Rats also will utilize garages and sheds if an insulated space is available inside the structure. They don’t like exposure and require a hidden area. Rats also will infest the interior of a home in some circumstances.The gnawing can cause considerable damage to your home. Rodents have been known to chew on things like wires, PVC piping, furniture, bricks and anything made of wood. In some cases, rodents have started house fires from chewing through electrical wires.

Where rats and mice hide

“Inside the house, they are going to be moving towards basements or attics. They will go anywhere where there are large numbers of cardboard boxes stored. There they can rip that paper up and create themselves a nest. And in furniture, if you move your sofa cushions, you’ll see droppings.

In the winter rats are looking for a safe haven to bunker down away from the cold weather, places that are out of sight but still protected from the cold.

Rodent comtrol populations is of the utmost concern for restaurant owners. Rodent control can fit through very small holes, from the size of a quarter for a rat to the size of a dime for a mouse.

Once rodents get inside, they can make a home for themselves just about anywhere that has a food and water source and a safe place to hide.

Mice and rats are attracted by food crumbs and scraps, pet food, and “pretty much anything that’s organic in or around the home.”

Homeowners should also check seals on doors if you can see daylight it’s a possible entry point — and in and under sheds, garages and items being stored under tarps to see if there are any unwelcome tenants.