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Cockroaches Extermination

Cockroaches infestation


Cockroaches Extermination: Generally speaking cockroaches are among the most common pest found in homes and commercial premises. They belong to class insecta , order Blattodea of phylum Arthropoda. Biologically Cockroaches have three stages of life, egg, nymph, and adult. It takes about 60 days for a cockroach to reach maturity from egg to adult. Common Cockroaches can be brown, black, tan, reddish orange in color. There are many species of cockroaches, however most common cockroach may be 1 inch to 1.6 inches long.

roaches Removal

Cockroaches Extermination: Usually Cockroaches can be found in any house, residential or commercial building. It’s not true that cockroaches are only found in dirty and poorly-kept buildings. However, poor sanitation/housekeeping is a major factor that leads to infestation. Most often Cockroaches are  brought into a non-infested building by food, by furniture, or clothing that’s infested with live cockroaches and their eggs. Once inside, Cockroaches multiply very quickly. A mature female cockroach creates an “egg case” that holds about 50 eggs. The female cockroach leaves the case in a place that isn’t likely to be disturbed (crevices, briefcases, etc.). The eggs take about 1 month to hatch. Cockroaches become adults in 2 to 4 months. They live about 6 months. Cockroaches die if they go without food or water for 2 weeks.

Cockroaches Extermination: Ordinarily While a clean house is the best place to live in, having a clean house doesn’t guarantee you wouldn’t get cockroaches. Cockroaches can enter your house in many ways. Major source of cockroach’s infestation is cardboard boxes usually from an infested place or a grocery store. Since all they need is a little water, a warm place, uncovered garbage cane and some leftover food. To summarize our house and kitchen provide all these necessities for cockroaches to thrive in.

Roaches Spread diseases

Unquestionably, Cockroaches are nuisance. Clearly they contaminate our food and spread diseases. At one  moment they may walked on garbage and next time they will be walking over your uncovered food or raw food in pantries. Cockroaches can carry some serious diseases. Salmonella Typhi, which causes Typhoid and Poliomyelitis, which causes Polio are some common diseases caused by cockroaches. Diseases like  dysentery, a disease which cause sever diarrhoea is caused by cockroaches. . Some People with asthma has allergic reaction to cockroaches’ droppings and their body parts.

Sign of cockroach infestation

Although cockroaches leave behind sign of their presence, Cockroaches are nocturnal. They hide in the day light. You can see them only when infestation is too much. Some sign of cockroach infestation is

Feces of cockroaches, which look like pepper spill
Dead cockroaches
Oily or musty smell
unhatched egg casing or empty casing
Cockroaches infestation

How to get rid of cockroaches

Our cockroach exterminator will first do a thorough inspection of your house
Depending on the degree of infestation, our exterminator will recommend a variety of cockroach treatments
At Shield Pest control our technicians are expert in eliminating cockroaches
We will also advise you, how to prevent future infestation

Preparing your house for the treatment

Remove all the debris and thoroughly clean your house
Clean behind and around stove and fridge
Thoroughly clean kitchen cabinets and clean the food spill
Scrub yellow oily patches from the stove and kitchen cabinets
Store your food items in tight lid containers
Repair leaking faucets
american cockroach removal
Don’t leave pets food overnight or unattended
No dirty dishes or food crumb in the kitchen sink
Store garbage in tight lid container
On the day of the treatment, empty all kitchen cabinet and cover your utensil and food items
Everyone including pets will be required to stay out for a minimum 4 hours after chemical treatment
Mirak pest control is not responsible for any pest damage to the structure and property before, during or after pest inspection or treatment or any contents within.

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