Bed bugs Removal

 Treatment and Removal of Bed bugs

Bed bugs Removal: Treating bed bugs is complex. Therefore, getting a pest management professional as soon as possible. Trying to treat the problem your self is can lead to spread infestation even more.

Extermination of bed bugs from a house depend on many factors. How much is bed bugs infestation? Whether everyone in the house is willing to eliminate bed bugs? How much clutter is available which is providing hiding place for bed bugs? team of licensed technician will visit your property to determine the degree of infestation before developing a strategy. Use of pesticide spray is not the only treatment we do. In some cases, a cocktail of pesticide is recommended to eradicate bed bugs.

Extermination of bed bugs

Prepare for multiple visits, as very few infestations are controlled with only one treatment.

Shield Pest control has extensive experience in dealing with bed bug extermination and removal in various communities throughout the Greater Toronto Area, including Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington. Milton, Brampton and Mississauga. Our professional exterminators will conduct a complete inspection and develop a treatment plan specific to your needs. In addition, we will provide you with specific instructions regarding how to prepare for the treatment.

Bed bugs removal
bed bugs treatment

Extermination of bed bugs, How we do it

Generally we use steam treatment for children cribs and mattresses. For elderly people and and person with some medical condition we use only steam treatment. Rest assured, our experienced technicians will help you to get rid of bed bugs infestation. At Shield Pest control our bed bugs exterminators use many tools to control bed bugs. You may need few visits to manage bed bugs. Don’t throw your stuff, bed bugs infestation is stressful but it can be eliminated. Wait for our exterminator advice. Tossing your furniture will not solve your problem. Throwing infested items not only cause you financial loss, you may spread infestation

  • Used items or used furniture are the major source of bed bugs
  • You bring them home from a trip or vacation, probably you stayed in an infested place.
  • A guest may have brought it to your home.

Developing removal strategy

  • Discard infested furniture if it is unwanted and mark it or rip it off to prevent further infestation
  • Vacuum couch and carpet more frequently
  • Do your laundry more frequently and keep dryer at higher temperature.
  • Keep your fresh washed clothes in airtight bags to prevent it from bed bugs
  • Don’t be panic. Our bed bugs exterminator is just one call or one click away

How to eliminate Bed bugs, Inspection, Preparation and Treatment

They are very difficult to control. First treatment is not effective, as it kill only adult bed bugs. Therefore, a second treatment is often necessary to kill juveniles after eggs hatch. A regular thorough inspection and variety treatment methods needed.


When you find out you have bed bugs, don't be panic as it will leads you to costly and unneeded actions. Don't confuse bed bugs with others insects such as bat bugs. Shield Pest control specialist can identify and inspect the pest at no cost who are trained in bed bugs removal.

Preparing your home for bed bugs extermination, bed bugs treatment, Bed bugs removal

Before the exterminator arrives for bed bugs removal

  • Clear all the rooms. Avoid leaving objects or clothes lying around in order to limit places in which bed bugs may hide
  • Empty furniture drawers and closets in infested rooms and remove curtains and rugs
  • Treat fabrics, bed sheets and clothes for instance, and other infested items following these.
  • Verify the condition of mattresses, bed springs and upholstered furniture.
  • Moreover, if they are damaged, make them unusable by tearing them with a knife or scissors.
  • Then wrap them in slipcovers or thick plastic bags. Close the slipcovers or bags tightly, so that nothing can get in or out, and throw them away. Wait for the infestation to be completely under control before getting new furniture.
  • Vacuum the infested room. Vacuuming reduces the number of bed bugs but it does not kill them. Each time you use the vacuum, immediately toss the bag or the content of the vacuum in a plastic bag.
  • Seal the plastic bag and throw it in an outdoor bin
Exterminator pest control
baby bed bugs

What do they look like?

  •  Bed bugs are small, wingless insects that feed solely on the blood of warm-blooded animals, preferably humans.
  • They are less than ¼ inch long, oval shaped, and typically a rusty red colour.
  • An adult bed bug is about the size of an apple seed.
  • Lastly, they need blood to grow (molt) and can live as long as 12 months on one feeding.

The biology and life cycle of bed bugs

  • Female bed bugs lay up to 12 eggs per day
  • Their eggs are coated with a sticky substance that will adhere to most surfaces
  • Eggs hatch in 6-10 days, and nymphs are ready to feed immediately
  • Bed bug nymphs require a blood meal in order to molt and reach maturity after five molts
  • And can live 12-18 months Three or more generations of bed bugs can occur each year

Bed bugs bite

  • They live in clusters; they aggregate
  • prefer to live as close as possible to their host
  • Can feed mostly at night when their host is asleep
  • Nymphs become engorged with blood within three minutes; adult bed bugs usually feed for 10-15 minutes
  • Hide during the day in dark, protected areas
  • Prefer fabric, wood, and paper
  • As well move quickly and can hide in cracks smaller than one millimeter

Moreover, they initially hide in the tufts, seams, and folds of mattresses, later traveling to the box spring and headboard

Last but not least, In a heavy infestation. Bed bugs will be found away from the bed in door frames, electrical boxes, floor cracks, smoke detectors, baseboards. also, furniture, under carpeting tack boards, behind picture frames, in drapery pleats, and loosened wallpaper.

bed bugs bite


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