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Bed bugs Removal

Extermination of bed bugs

Shield Pest control has extensive experience in dealing with bed bug extermination. We provide bed bugs removal services throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Our professional exterminators will conduct a complete inspection and develop a treatment plan specific to your needs.

In addition, we will provide you with specific instructions how to prepare for the treatment. We will first do a thorough inspection to identify whether you have bed bugs or something else. We don’t suggest to throw away your mattresses or furniture unless you wish to do so, it can be treated.

Proper treatment is more necessary, because replacing furniture is expensive and new furniture can be infested in just matter of days if proper treatment is not carried out. Our technicians are ministry certified with years of experience in bed bugs removal


Bed bugs identification

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) belong to family of insects called Cimex lectularius L. They are brown reddish in color about the seed of apple (5 to 6 mm long). These wingless insects don’t jump or fly. Fold of luggage, seam of mattress and clothes are the most common places where bed bugs can be found hiding.

In case of low to moderate infestation, they can be found behind wall paper and inside bed frame and Furniture. Once inside they multiply quickly. Each female bed bugs lay up to one egg per day and up to 500 per life span. Their eggs are coated with a sticky substance that will adhere to most surfaces New born may hatch from the egg in 6-10 days, and nymphs are ready to feed immediately. Bed bug nymphs require a blood meal in order to molt and reach maturity after five molts. On average a bed bugs can live 12-18 months. Three or more generations of bed bugs can occur each year.

How bed bugs get in to my house

There are many possibilities of bed bugs to get in to a house. The most common source is used furniture and mattress. You may get it from a poorly maintained motel room. They may hitch a ride in luggage from an infested house or a room. A guest may bring it to your house. We suggest immediate treatment before they spread in to other rooms of the house.


How does Bed bugs bite look like?

Bed bugs bite people during their sleeping quarter. Since they live on human and animal blood, they usually live on and around bed or couch. As they bite people, they inject an anti coagulant chemical in to human body for the continuous flow of blood. The anti coagulant they inject cause itchiness. In some people the allergic reaction causing itchiness from bed bugs bite may appear some time later.

Bed bugs bites can cause swelling to the infected area. The most common sign of bed bugs bite is a red itchy bump usually in line. Infected area usually feels like painful burning sensation. Although bed bugs bite causes severe burning sensation and discomfort, bed bugs are not known to be spreading any disease.

Sign of bed bugs infestation

Bed bugs removal: One of the most common signs of bed bug infestation is the bite marks on arm neck or legs. Some time bed bugs bits take longer to appear. You may notice blood mark on your bed sheet or pillow case. As the infestation grow you may see dark or rusty spots of bed bug excrement on sheets and mattresses, bed clothes, and walls. Bed bug fecal spots in areas where bed bugs hide is the clear sign of infestation


Preparing your house for the treatment

Prepare your house for the bed bugs treatment before we arrive
Empty all closets, and bag all your clothes in plastic bags
Remove mattress covers and pillow cases.
Keep your mattresses against the wall
Empty all drawers of desk, dressing tables and side tables
Stop fish tank pump and cover it with a plastic sheet
Be prepared to stay out for minimum 4 to 5 hours including pets
Don’t leave your wallet or any other valuables. We are not responsible for any damage or loss
De-clutter your house, throw out any thing that you don’t need.
Laundry your clothes, pillow cases, bed sheets and mattress cover after treatment
Vacuum your house more often
Open windows for a while when you return home

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