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Ants generally live in large colonies, usually located in underground tunnels. Ants removal is not an easy task. Most species will nest outside buildings.They are attracted by sugary foods, such as, oils or greasy residues like peanut butter smears, crumbs. Ant colonies send out scouts to forage for food. A successful scout leaves a scented trail for other workers to follow back to the food source. This accounts for the orderly parade into your pantry. In the following paragraph we will briefly discuss what is ants.

How to get rid of Ants

The life cycle of ants is a little more complicated because ants have special forms of ant known as alates, or reproductive ants. These alates appear in the colony from special eggs laid by the queen usually when the colony passes a certain size. These alates are larger than the worker ants and are born with wings. They are the reproductive males and young queens.

During what is called a nuptial flight, which takes place at a specific time of the year, all these alates take to the air and mate with each other, after which the male alates die and the female alates drop to the ground, break off their wings, and venture off on their own in search of a suitable place to start their new colony alone. These now wingless queens become the official egg-laying queen of their new colony. Eventually, when the new colony gets big enough, the queen will begin to lay eggs which will turn into alates, and the process starts all over again.

Most ants from temperate regions hibernate underground throughout the course of winter. Others living in wood remain inside their nests above ground but are able to survive the cold temperatures by way of production of glycerol in their hemolymph which acts as an anti-freeze.

Pharaoh Ants

Control of Pharaoh ants is difficult, due to their nesting in inaccessible areas. Treatment must be thorough and complete at all nesting sites, as well as the foraging area. Thus, treatment must include walls, ceilings, floor voids, and electrical wall outlets. Baits are now the preferred method of control for Pharaoh ants and several baits (insecticides) are labeled for indoor ant control.

A Pharaoh ant infestation of a multifamily building requires treatment of the entire building to control the infestation. In addition, insect growth regulators (IGRs) are marketed for indoor control of Pharaoh ants. The IGR is used as a bait, and ants must be allowed to transport the bait back to their nests. The IGR prevents the production of worker ants and sterilizes the queen. Therefore, it is necessary to allow up to several weeks or months

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are usually brown or black. Some are a combination of black and orange. Carpenter ants are not very big. usually, you will see worker ants around your home. They are generally 3/8 to 1/2 an inch. These ants do not eat wood, but they do burrow in it. Therefore, they will burrow into wood furniture in your home, such as desks or cabinets. If you have a carpenter ant infestation you may find piles of wood shavings just below wooden objects like desks. We provide ants removal service in your area. what is ants, how to kill ants and why do you have ants

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 Fire Ants

Fire Ants have copper brown head and body with a darker abdomen. The worker ants are blackish to reddish and their size varies from 2 to 6 mm (0.079 to 0.236 in). For example, in an established nest these different sizes of ants are all present at the same time. A typical fire ant colony produces large mounds in open areas. Feeds mostly on young plants, seeds, and sometimes crickets.

Fire Ants are usually in Kitchen

Fire ants often attack small animals and can kill them. like many other ants which bite and then spray acid on the wound. Unlikely, fire ants only bite to get a grip and then sting and inject a toxic alkaloid venom (piperidine). For humans, this is a painful sting which leaves a sensation similar to what one feels when they get burned by fire. Hence the name fire ant – and the after effects of the sting can be deadly to sensitive individuals.

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Pharoah Ants removal

Pharaoh Ants are small, about 1/16-inch long. They colored light yellow to red, with black markings on the abdomen. Pharoah Ants look similar to Thief Ants. In addition, Pharoah Ants have three segments in the antennal club. Since they are so tiny, they can travel and trail to many places. Inside, they are usually found in the kitchen and bathrooms, but workers are also commonly seen trailing along window sills and baseboards. They are seen traveling along plumbing or electrical wires, going from room to room.They are found among paper, clothes, sheets, inside curtain rods, behind baseboards, wall and cabinet voids.You can see the trails of foraging pharaoh ants where water or food sources are available. Their nests are rarely found. They are also spotted near water sources around counter tops, toilets, drains, and sinks.

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Pavement Ants

Pavement Ants are small pests from 1/10 to 1/16 inches in length. They can be found in many parts of Canada. Each individual colony contains thousands of workers, multiple queens and is usually located at one particular site. White Footed Ants and Carpenter Ants can have satellite colonies or build huge nests that cover hundreds of feet.Call us for ants removal

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